Restore Body Detox Kit

Restore Body Detox Kit
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When You Have To Be Sure Your Clean!

Works Within 30 Minutes, Guaranteed. 
Total Body Detox That Lasts Up To 8 Hours

Completely eliminates toxins from your body for 8 hours. 

Instead of just covering them up like other products.

When You Have To Be Sure Your Clean!

High Toxin Level Body Detox.

Works Within 30 Minutes.

Need to completely detox your body for the day? Do you have a high toxin level and only have 1 day to detox your body? Restore Body Detox Kit is your answer. Our 1 Day Maximum Strength program has been lab formulated and real world tested for people with higher than average toxin levels that are serious about getting clean fast. For users over 200 lbs this body detox is strongly recommended. This extreme toxin level detox kit comes complete with a Maximum Strength 1oz. liquid cleanser and an additional 8 Maximum Strength Body Detox Capsules.
This has been proven to be a winning combination Guaranteed.

  • For heavy toxin levels and people over 200 LBS.
  • All natural, herbal formula.
  • Completely eliminates toxins from your body. 
    ( Instead of just covering them up like other products.)
  • Fast acting, Works In 30 Minutes. Completely undetectable.
  • Total body detox lasts for up to 8 hours.
  • Works for marijuana detox, cocaine detox, meth detox, opiates detox, alcohol detox, nicotine detox, etc.
  • Urinate 2 times.
  • 100% Money back Guarantee by manufacturer.


    Detox Kit Includes:
     1oz - Maximum Strength Detox Drink Concentrate You Mix With Water.
     8 - Herbal Maximum Strength Detox Capsules With Instructions:

  1. Eat light - Fruits and vegetables (No fatty foods)
  2. Add entire contents of 1 oz. Concentrate to 16oz of water. Shake then drink.
  3. Take 8 capsules with an additional 16oz of water, juice, or sports drink.
  4. Urinate at 3 times after completing detox kit. Works In 30 Minutes.




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